Thursday, January 14, 2010



It's peak period again..
Mon - Sun.. work and work and work only..
8 ++am leave the house... 10 ++pm only back to home.. saturday even worse till12 am only reach home..
and day by day, more and more ppl are leaving..
lesser and lesser friends here..
and more and more workload..

Ppl asking .. " How about u ?"

Me ?? Me wat?

GO or STAY ?? Hmmmm,, dunno leh..very fan leh..

how how how ?


li said...

u shall leave if u feel this job no longer satisfies your needs...tiredness is not an issue here, u shall ask urself whether u do enjoy ur working life nw.ery1 deserves a better life. all the best ^.^!

...cheng... said...

li, i start to be lost again...
i do think about wat i really wan enjoy, wat i really enjoy... but i can't get an

li said...

cheng, there mus be an answer for tat no matter's either u r avoiding it o u need more time to explore it...if u realy cant find wat u want, try to think about what u dont want