Thursday, January 14, 2010



It's peak period again..
Mon - Sun.. work and work and work only..
8 ++am leave the house... 10 ++pm only back to home.. saturday even worse till12 am only reach home..
and day by day, more and more ppl are leaving..
lesser and lesser friends here..
and more and more workload..

Ppl asking .. " How about u ?"

Me ?? Me wat?

GO or STAY ?? Hmmmm,, dunno leh..very fan leh..

how how how ?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09 09 09

today is 09 09 09...

on the way to work tis morning, it's terribly jam ...
drive front a bit only realise it's 09 09 09.. and it's a good day ...
a lot of couples are getting married today.. and they r having some ceremony at a register authority at the road side...can really see the happiness from their face...and this is the reason of jam due to "8" ness of people like me.. haha..wish 有情人终成眷属 ,要幸福哦..!!!

quite a long time din update my blog ...

to all my dear frens, just to let u guys know tat i am doing good here..
due to some activities in company, i m getting closer and closer with my colleagues here..
got kaki to club la, play badminton, dinner la.. movie la.. sing k la.. happening rite?haha...
alr used to the lifestyle in JB..dunworry...haha...

and today , there is a 小插曲for me o..
after work, got a msg from a fren, and said there is a test as below:
"if u r hungry now, wat is the food u think to eat ?"

hmmmn... in my mind immediately appeared.. of course my mom cooked food la..and i replied so..
after few reply only realise tat i need to choose from Japanese food, fast food, soup food or fried food? thus i choose Japanese food or soup food lo..then after a while i gt a reply " wait , i am finding answer"...then i start to wonder....then a msg comes and said "the answer is on my car?"
hmmmnn... wat he play o?
then only i realised what is actually happening..!!!

actually quite happy and quite appreciate it... long time no ppl care whether i dinner o not .. eat wat for dinner's oso kira a special day for me la... haha

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gal, be valient...

Good days never come...

BAd days never end...

How come all the bad things never stay far away from me...

Things that i dislike come...

Valerie = strong, brave (valiant)

Valerie... pls be brave, be strong , be tough and be healthy...

We always love u...

God, pls save her...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

惠 你过得好吗?

哎哟 又回到了一个人的生活
现在 又剩下我一个人了 :(

大家就变得怪怪的 突然静了起来

常安慰自己 看开点
一切都是天注定的 随缘
缘尽了 就到此了

希望在远方的她 会过得好好的
这样才有力气 好好的照顾 嘉欣


Sunday, April 19, 2009

updates updates...

Actually think to update my blog for few times alr but times dun allow me ...haha...
got a lot of things wan to update u guys...but no time for me to document down now..
so i just tell u guys the most important news here ...


that is... ...
my sis just gv birth to 2 babies...
and I got 2 more new family members now...haha

p/s: exhausted... tmr will be going outstation again.. so wont be here for a week ....

Sunday, March 22, 2009



就是在每天早上 有人陪我吃早餐 聊聊天

就算睡迟了 还是有人会把你吵醒


就是吃生熟蛋时 有人帮我拔开蛋壳 亲手调好味道给我

就算最后才order 的是我 但是 最先吃到的还是我


就是放工回家时 有人在家等你 为你准备好晚餐 不必苦恼要吃什么

就算是隔夜菜 都是美味的



就算还没睡着时 有人吵吵你 闹闹你 不让你好睡

就算睡着时 会被踢几脚


幸福 原来可以如此的简单

Monday, March 9, 2009




haih 一回到kl 才发觉原来我还是有很多朋友的 哈哈

一直以来 都觉得 真正的朋友不管多就没见面


真的 这就是朋友